Optimizing Volunteer Resources

Better Coordination and Protection from Verification

BuildSOS helps non-profit organizations and volunteers to assist more people by significantly reducing the potential for fraud and by providing local and state government data for better volunteer coordination.

The Challenge After the Disaster

Following a disaster, non-profits and volunteers face unique challenges: How can they most effectively deploy resources? How can they show the organization’s impact to the government and donors? What information do they have about where their people are and what they are doing? How do they keep out the bad actors who are only pretending to be volunteers, only to take advantage of the chaos for their own personal gain? Law enforcement and government may hesitate to let volunteers into the disaster zone, as they do not have the tools to identify the “real” volunteers from frauds. This results in delayed resources during critical early response time.

A Better Way

BuildSOS offers a way to get volunteers to work faster, maximize their positive impact, and protect the community from con artists impersonating volunteers.
  • Verify Volunteers – easily and quickly verify volunteers (background check and affiliation with non-profit(s) to block criminals and give them identification to access disaster areas.
  • Actionable Data – government officials gain real-time data on where the damage is located and what volunteer resources are available for better coordination.
  • Transparency – know who helps and where to create a paper trail to block or catch people abusing a dire situation.
We help optimize the positive impact of non-profit resources while making it harder for criminals to harm people struggling to recover from a disaster.

How BuildSOS Got Started

A small group of contractors, many of whom sit on Louisiana’s contractor licensing boards and are leaders of area home builder associations, teamed together after seeing the unnecessary challenges and fraud in the rebuilding efforts from the 2016 floods which impacted Southeast Louisiana. They wanted to help their neighbors get back into their homes faster so their communities could be together again.

The main reason rebuilding efforts took so long and cost so much was a lack of coordination, clear processes, data sharing, and trust.

Challenges with non-profit and volunteer resource management led to a negative impact on community rebuilding, wasted resources, and bad press. BuildSOS helps volunteers try to help do more while allowing local governments to protect their people.

Volunteer Verification

Non-profit, volunteer organizations, do not have to pay anything for our services. Local and state governments may pay a small fee to verify and manage their volunteers so they can better help their constituents. Our volunteer verification process includes:
  • Legitimate Non-Profit affiliations
  • Criminal Background Check
Once approved, your volunteers are given a virtual ID that law enforcement can easily scan to allow entry to disaster areas. Additionally, government officials will have additional data for better coordination with the organization, and better decision-making.

What’s Next & How to Get Started

Register your organization and team today. Once your organization is approved, you’ll be given instructions to add your team so they can be verified. This verification step is essential to better protect communities and better utilize volunteers. Sign up today.