Extreme weather events keep happening in our community, and the technology to prepare for and respond to them has been way behind. BuildSOS improves community resilience and helps communities rebuild faster and stronger after a disaster by providing a platform that combines innovative workflows, data capture, and validated participants in a way that increases transparency, predictability, and efficiency. This saves homeowners, contractors, insurance companies, and local and state governments time, money, and frustration by providing better data for decision-making and safeguards that reduce fraud, finger-pointing, and risk.

Who are we? We’re a group of contractors that got tired of our neighbors getting taken advantage of by the fraudulent imposters that take advantage of disaster recovery disorganization, increase everyone’s costs, and give our hardworking industry a bad reputation.

Our communities are tired of the same chaos, headaches, and financial loss when extreme weather events hit. We got together to see if there was some way to help. We created BuildSOS, which is a platform that brings community, builders, insurers, suppliers, government, and nonprofits together in a way that reduces risk, fraud, community, and anxiety.

BuildSOS gives homeowners a way to easily verify that a contractor has a valid license, proper insurance, and confirmed identity so they feel confident about hiring the right contractor, which reduces their risk and saves both the homeowner and insurance company money.


BuildSOS is Aligned with the 2030 UN Sustainability Goals