Mission & Story

Our mission is to build and implement integrity and risk reduction systems for communities to improve disaster-related infrastructure, enhance efficiency, reduce fraud, and keep value local.. To do that, BuildSOS created a transparent, easy-to-use platform that significantly reduces the potential for fraud thus lowering the risk and amount of frustration for everyone involved in the rebuilding process.

BuildSOS helps communities rebuild faster and stronger after a disaster by providing a transparent, easy-to-use process that saves homeowners, contractors, insurance companies, and local and state governments time, money, and lots of frustration by reducing fraud, finger-pointing, and risk.

How BuildSOS Began

Following the floods that devasted Southeast Louisiana in 2016, a group of contractors (many of who sit on Louisiana’s contractor licensing boards and are leaders in their local Homebuilder Associations) shared their frustrations with the time, cost, and irritation it took rebuilding their communities with each other.

After much discussion and research BuildSOS identified the biggest obstacle to an efficient rebuilding process was the following gaps between all the key players – government, homeowners, insurers, builders, volunteers, and even suppliers Each work to improve their own responsiveness and preparedness, yet they collectively are falling short. This results in financial hardship individually for our communities, insurers leaving the state, longer rebuild times, more aid dollars but less of them reaching our communities, and more dollars being spent by our communities in OTHER communities while they wait for their communities to come back.

BuildSOS also found that because of fraudulent actors in the process (“storm chasers”), every party engaged in the rebuilding process has “their guard up” and each business built safeguards and stop gaps that slowed recovery and actually cost more. Instead of working as a team toward a common goal, disaster recovery is full of unnecessary inefficiency, frustration, and finger-pointing.

BuildSOS’s Impact

Our team did what contractors do best – we built a structure to help people.

BuildSOS empowers homeowners by giving them the control to identify and engage with honest contractors through our verification process. It also empowers homeowners through education on what to expect in rebuilding and transparency in the process.

Ultimately, we’re working to change the way recovery takes place in communities across the globe and helping educate how they can build back better and faster. Our technology makes it easier for the right people to do things the right way while making it dramatically harder for wrongdoers to commit fraud and hurt people already impacted by a disaster.