Technology to Make Recovery Faster

A Simple Platform to Reduce Risk and Improve Efficiency for Everyone

Unfortunately, after a natural disaster, there is usually a man-made disaster – the recovery process, which is arduous, slow, and expensive for everyone. BuildSOS was created to provide structure and transparency to support honest builders and subcontractors, and their customers, in the residential construction industry, which matters most in your time of need when recovering from a disaster.

While the technology may be complex and multi-faceted, the overall concept is quite simple. BuildSOS built transparency into the recovery process which benefits everyone. A simple step like verifying contractors and volunteers allows the right people to help more and faster while significantly making it harder for wrongdoers to hurt or scam people already ailing from a disaster.

Our technology integrates a fractionalized recovery process by sharing key data, creating benefits for every party involved such as reducing risk, and providing a better experience for everyone.

How the BuildSOS Ecosystem Works

  • Homeowner – registers with BuildSOS before a disaster and uploads 8+ images of their home and verifies the contractor they hire to repair their home is legit.
  • Contractor/Subcontractors – verifies with BuildSOS, utilizes the homeowner’s pictures to get a pre-disaster snapshot of the home including measurements, materials used, and quality of the home, and gets real-time, discounted pricing from Home Depot. Throughout the project, the contractor documents progress, providing timestamped and georeferenced photos to the bank (mortgage company).
  • Insurance Company – reduces risk with homeowner selecting a verified contractor and can quickly approve estimates due to real-time pricing and photo documentation to expedite claims.
  • Bank/Mortgage Company – verify the quality of materials and construction aligns with the home’s value to ensure the mortgage amount remains accurate. Progress photos allow the bank to expedite payments to the contractor or homeowner.
  • Volunteers & Non-Profits – verify with BuildSOS to block wrongdoers from taking advantage of the situation and provide data to local and state government officials to better coordinate their efforts.
  • Government – protect citizens by verifying who is entering their disaster-ravaged community and provided the data needed to make better decisions and coordinate volunteer assistance.
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers – ability to educate homeowners, contractors, insurance companies, and banks about the benefits and long-term savings of fortified building materials and techniques as well as real-time data about the community’s needs to transport the right materials to the right locations.

Each party greatly impacts the others in the recovery process. By verifying those trying to help and impeding the wrongdoers paired with the right data and transparent processes, everyone benefits from an expedited recovery that costs less, involves less risk, and has fewer headaches.