Getting Verified is Easy

Identification Showing You’re Here to Help

Verify Contractors 

Our goal is to do more than remove the “con” from the word “contractor”; we want to make everyone’s lives easier when working to recover from a disaster through cooperation and transparency.

Verifying you’re a legit contractor is a simple step for contractors trying to do the right things and a huge hurdle for wrongdoers trying to scam someone in their time of need.

Our self-verification process includes:

  • Registered with the Secretary of State
  • State Contractor License
  • Valid Business Insurance
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Business in Good Standing with Secretary of State

BuildSOS does not verify the quality of work a contractor does on every job, that is done by the local permitting/building code office and our system allows contractors to easily document progress, keeping the homeowner, insurance company, and bank (mortgage company) on the same page to expedite the project.

Become a verified contractor today.

Verify Volunteers

Verifying a person’s intent and background is a vital step in protecting a community devasted by a disaster because it only takes a few wrongdoers impersonating volunteers to block those trying to help from actually being able to help.

Additionally, verifying yourself and your team as volunteers provides key data to local and state government officials about your availability so they better can utilize you and reduce your time waiting to help. Once verified, law enforcement can trust that you’re truly there to help and provide you access to disaster-stricken areas.

Become a verified volunteer now.