Remodel & Repair: FAQ

Arm yourself with knowledge before hiring! Please verify with your state, that the person you are hiring, holds current industry licensing credentials and insurance. Also, check your homeowners policy to see if unlicensed workers are covered. (i.e. If the unlicensed roofer fell from the roof and got hurt – are you covered?)

Q: I’m doing some small renovations and need a painter, drywall expert and electrician. Is Build SOS a good fit for me?

A: YES! We want you to have only licensed and qualified professionals enter your home and do industry standard work for you. This is why we exist.

Q: My neighbor’s cousin does some handywork and is pretty cheap. Why wouldn’t I hire them for my home repairs?

A: Though they may be cheap, they likely do not meet all industry standards of credentialing and insurance, creating a potential liability to you.

Q: I’ve heard great things about the plumber I want to call. Why should I choose a plumber from Build SOS? 

A: Because we have checked all trade contractors under our Build SOS microscope for credentials and verifications, above and beyond those “referral type services.”

Q: Why would I use Build SOS over other websites where people rate a contractor?

A: We all know how easily those other websites can be manipulated and frankly, we just don’t trust them (neither should you). Build SOS offers honest service and also goes the extra mile to check both contractor’s consumer rating and qualifications.