New Construction FAQs

Q: I am at the early stages of planning out my dream home. When should I get a serious about selecting a contractor?

A: It is never too early to start planning. Contact BuildSOS and we can help you on your journey to begin work. 

Q: I don’t have a builder in mind for my new house. What steps to do I need to take to use a BuildSOS contractor?

A: Our goal is to simplify your process. Just fill out our form and we will get back to you with details and choose a  pre-qualified network contractor who best fits your job. 

Q: What if I don’t think the contractor you assigned me is doing a good job?

A: This is where our third party Quality Assurance Inspector comes into play as a safety net. They will help make the decision if there is a serious issue or not and become a buffer for you.

Q: There is a local contractor I already selected to build my new house. How do I get that company into BuildSOS?

A: All they have to do is sign up and we will pre-qualify them and match them right back to you. That is, as long as they meet our standards. 

Q: Will my cost increase if my existing contractor joins BuildSOS?

A: Most likely your cost will stay exactly the same. as they will now become part of our discount group buying program.

Q: What is the difference between BuildSOS and one of those rating sites?

A: BuildSOS does not rely on consumer ratings. We pre-qualify all professionals who enter out network with our own formula and continue to monitor them, to meet our higher standards.