Disaster: FAQ

Q: I am struggling with being displaced. What can Rebuild SOS take off my already full plate? I just want my home rebuilt ASAP and my life back.

A: We built this unique system because the last thing you need to deal with is a shady contractor or worry about chasing after someone who isn’t completing the job you paid them to do. At BuildSOS, we’ll have your back so you can concentrate on getting back on track with everything else.

Q: I don’t have homeowners insurance to cover my home repairs. Can BuildSOS still help?

A: This is where we really throw you that life preserver. BuildSOS will help you find the most cost-effective solutions to help you pay for the work you need.

Q: How do contractors/subcontractors join the BuildSOS co-op?

A: Contractors are required to complete extensive prescreening documentation which BuildSOS verifies personally before accepting the contractor into the co-op. This is kind of our secret sauce, so we can’t tell you all of it.

Q: Why is using BuildSOS a better approach than than using some big home repair referral network?

A: Well, we are not just a referral network and know we can do better (that’s why we created this program). Our Independent Quality Control Inspector will work with you through the entire rebuild process (which sets us apart from their models) and also as a “go-between” for you and the contractor if needed.

Q: Will you provide bids for my job?

A: No, because our vetted contractors meet all industry standards and we have already checked their rates before allowing them into our co-op. We feel all our contractors are fair and would never allow price gouging!

Q: Are the repair and rebuild  prices inflated to use your services?

A: We’ve tapped into a prearranged percentage from the overhead cost from our co-op members. Because of the way we have this structured, you should not feel a (penny) pinch.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with a contractor you sent me?

A: BuildSOS will work with both you and the contractor first to see if the matter can be resolved. If we determine the contractor working relationship to be an issue, we will be happy to offer you a replacement contractor.