Consumer Advocacy

We Care about You

BuildSOS’s goal is to help homeowners during rebuild, repair and remodels. Unfortunately, not all those who claim they are qualified to work on homes, meet the highest levels of standards, necessary qualifications and work ethics that BuildSOS requires of all our members. Sometimes, a homeowner does not know they are in or getting into a bad situation, before it is too late. Poor quality work unfinished work and gouging are a few things that could happen.

We are Here to Help

Our commitment to you as a homeowner, is to properly guide and educate you through the repair, remodel or rebuild process. At no cost or obligation, we want to extend our expertise to you for any of the following:

  • To educate you on what credentials should be held by anyone stepping on your property to do work.
  • To know your rights and options if work is unsatisfactory.
  • To understand contracts and payment options better.
  • To help you, if you have found yourself in a bad situation.
  • To provide you with helpful resources


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