Model for Success

Our Proprietary Integrity & Transparency Model

Build SOS has tapped into the expertise and resources of the residential construction industry. Our goal is to use a threefold process that protects the property owner and all clients. To ensure the homeowner is getting a quality job at a reasonable cost, we will:

  1. Use independent third party contract funds administrators to ensure the contractor paid all bills, guaranteeing the homeowner of a lien-free job.
  2. Pre-qualify local contractors who are  1) licensed by their perspective state, 2) have insurance and 3) meet the quality standards set by Build SOS.
  3. Utilize neutral third party “Independent Quality Control Inspectors” to ensure the work meets quality standards set by Build SOS.

We Prevent Common Problems

There are common industry problems that could end up in dispute between a homeowner and a contractor. At Build SOS, we have experience dealing with these issues and our goal is to prevent them from even happening. This goal guarantees an expedited completion of a project, a more satisfactory rebuild process and an end result which meets or exceeds expectations for all parties involved.

 We Employ the “Magic 5 C” Formula

  1. Communication: We become the neutral buffer between contractor and dwelling owner to keep the building/rebuilding process running smoothly.
  2. Character: We remain neutral during what can be an emotional process, while maintaining integrity and transparency.
  3. Capability: We pre-qualify professional contractors, who are both competent and trustworthy, to meet our highest standards.
  4. Coordination: Our unique methodology helps us expedite the project and achieve desired results.
  5. Cash: We are able to work with you to offer independent financing solutions, reducing the economic burden so often associated with disaster recovery.


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